Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Zines of the Fest

Winners 2010:
Simon Fletcher and Ya Wen Ho
35x150mm (tiny!), 35 panels, black card casing, b/w printing

We loved this one because it was so original, and pushed the boundaries of what a zine can encompass. The story line is a sort-of 'choose your own adventure' - so neat! Illustrations by Simon, and concept/direction by Ya Wen.

Second place:
Mythology of Self and Other Misconceptions
Hannah May
A5, 24 pages, colour cardstock cover and b/w printing

Featuring poems and illustrations by Hannah. We thought this one was simple, yet executed beautifully. Comes complete with ISBN too, which isn't something you see everyday!

Third place:
Craft-d - Issue 2
Beth Peters
A5, 40 pages, colour cover with b/w printing, and misc collected goodies in bag

Reading this zine you can tell that Beth has worked very hard on bringing out the second issue. It features interviews and articles by artists and craftspeople Beth meets in her daily life who inspire her. This issue also heavily features her love of collecting, with each issue coming with an assortment of ephemera she has collected over the years! Overall, this is a really satisfying package.

Honourable Mentions:
Busker Folk - Series 1
WaterBear Appreciation Society
65x95mm, 6 cards in waxed paper (plus stick of American gum!), full colour

Last year's winners Heather and Zac from the WaterBear Appreciation Society have really stepped up again with their work! We loved the cute illustrations, and how it evoked memories of collecting cards as a child (okay, some of us were geeks) - and subverts the idea of superheroes or celebrities with that of everyday buskers from Wellington.

Elam Graduate Catalogue (Reworked at Auckland Zinefest 2009)
Dane Taylor
A5, 28 pages, b/w print.

A product of a workshop held at last year's Zinefest, co-ordinated by Dane as part of an ongoing subversive publication workshop project. Participants were given copies of various Elam graduate catalogues and asked to choose an image that appealed or otherwise interested them, and change/add/subvert it. What features is an extensive catalogue of thoroughly different collages/mixed media art.

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition! We were amazed with how popular it was. To everyone who entered - your zines have been donated to the Cross Street Zine Library. If you would like them back then message us and we can arrange something.

In related news: don't forget to fill out this form before the end of the month if you are applying for a stall at Wellington Zinefest this year!


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