Code For Something
Cross Street Studios
Fleet FM
Fluro Magazine
K Road Business Association
Microcosm Publishing
Small Print
Space Thing
The High Seas
Wellington City Zine Library
Wellington Zinefest
Wine Cellar

For links to the 2010 participants, see the 'participants' tab.

2009 Participants
$100 and Tshirt Documentary
10-22-38 Astoria
AK Freespace Collective
Alex Mitcalfe Wilson
Bridget Walsh
Cardboard Box
Cherry Bomb Comics
DMC Comics
Fleet FM
Gotham Comics
Mikel Krumins
Neighbourhood Cats
Radio As Paper
Shrapnel Collective
Stacey from Subject Zine
The Hairdoos
Wellington City Library Zine Collection
Wellington Zinefest

Zine related links/further reading
Zine wiki
Zine book
Grrrl Zine Network
We Make Zines

How to make a zine*:
So You Want to Start a Zine? by Steven Svymbersky
Action Girl Online "DIY Zine Guide" by Sarah Dyer
Global Mail's "How To Make A Zine"
*Note - these resources use US standard paper sizes and not the international paper standards we use in New Zealand (ie: A3, A4)

Other zinefests 
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24 Hour Zine Thing
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London Zine Symposium
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