Friday, August 20, 2010


Hey friends,

A bit belated, but a post-zinefest update from us nonetheless. If you made it along last Saturday to the Wine Cellar and St Kevins Arcade, thank you for coming! We hope you had a good time; it seems the whole day was buzzing with excitement and networking and lots of zine-loving.

We've been pretty overwhelmed with the response we've had so far - everyone has been so supportive and positive, it's been really heart-warming to be a part of. So, again, sincere thanks from all of us.

If you would like to let us know what you thought of the event (good or bad - we encourage honest critique), you can fill out a confidential feedback form here.

We wouldn't have been able to put on Zinefest without the generous support of people such as super-hero K Road Business Association precinct manager Barbara Holloway (and the team), Peter from Alleluya Cafe (who lent us the space for the day), and Wine Cellar owner Rohan Evans. Not to mention all of the amazing volunteers who helped us leading up to, during, and after the event!

We managed to get a whole bunch of video footage from both the day event and after party, so we will keep you posted for when that is ready to be viewed.

The 'Zine of the Fest Award' was awarded to Ya-Wen Ho and Simon Fletcher (pictured above with the trophy, cake, and Tes) for their zine which can be viewed here.

In the meantime, you can check out the RIP IT UP photo gallery, and watch a video (below) made by Renegade House. Thanks heaps both of you guys for coming along and documenting the day!

Much love, and see you around!

Nick, Tessa and Tes
Auckland Zinefest Co-ordinators.

Photos below courtesy of Jillian de Beer.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mini feature on some of the fresh talent at Zinefest this year

Many of the stall holders at this year's Zinefest will be selling brand-new issues of their zines, or even completely new zines. Below we feature a few of them - but be sure to come and check out all the talent on the day, as we would be writing forever about all the amazing people who are involved this year!

Radio As Paper #5

"Radio as Paper is a local comic zine and winner of an Eric Award for best comic anthology (NZ comics award) RAP compiles works from NZ comic creators such as Tim Molloy, Toby Morris, MF Joyce, Frank and Becky and many more.

After getting a much appreciated boost from last years Auckland Zinefest and now working on the 5th issue, RAP returns this year to Zinefest with a possible best off of the previous editions as most of the first issues are now out of stock."

Also, at Zinefest only, if you buy a physical copy you also get a digital copy (issue 4 or 5) for free! Just bring a USB stick or similar on the day.

Pig pt 1

Jerome will be releasing the first part of his comic entitled 'Bucklame', which has taken over a year to make. If you purchased the intro off him last year, bring it along to Zinefest and he will swap you for the new one, free of charge! Pretty sweet deal in our books.

Presence Magazine #7

Issue 7 of Presence is jammed packed with loads of interesting and quirky content.

"We get up close and personal with The Drab Doo Riffs, as they pose for a mysterious shoot. The girls from The Gladeyes, have a chat with us and stop by for some messy fun. Then we venture behind the scenes at Pleased To Meet You boutique, where Misery meets fashion. All the girls are going to crush on Jordan Barnes, a man with too many talents, whose works are featured in this issue. We head to the Red Bull Studio Live Sessions and check out a couple of new bands that are coming up on the scene. And we get our crafts on at the new Cassette SuperMarkets. Plus plenty of neat CD Reviews from Eavesdrop, for the perfect reading party!

Check out all this and more in the latest issue of Presence. Avaliable at Magnation, Real Groovy and plenty of selected cafes and boutiques around Auckland."

Greta from Presence will also be chatting to Charlotte on 95 BFM's Morning Glory radio show this Friday around 11:20am (just a few hours after us!).

Check out this link (from Friday onwards) for a sneak preview of the new issue, or alternatively go say hi at Cassette's MUM clubnight on Friday to see it in the flesh.

Potroast #6

"Potroast n. 1 A cut of beef, often taken from the tougher chuck cut, that is browned and then cooked until tender in a covered pot with vegetables. 2 An Auckland-based literary zine publishing poetry, short-fiction and illustrations by an interesting group of contributors. The zine strives for the same qualities of flavour, richness and budget-stretching-without-quality-compromise substance as its culinary namesake. 3 Awesomeness.

Potroast#6, our latest issue, is garden-themed. Thus, Potroast#6 features gardens in which growth is consumption (of human flesh!); gardens in which nothing grows; gardens growing on heads; heads which are gardens complete with oozing spring-bud pimples; and a wide spectrum of other works dealing with growth, stagnation and the flowering of many beautiful things.
Copies of Potroast#6 - as well as back issues #3, #4 and #5 - will be available at the Auckland Zinefest for $4 each or $10 for 3 copies. All funds raised will contribute towards printing costs. Chapbooks of some of our regular contributors will also be at the Festival!"

Cupcake Monsters #11

"At this year's Zinefest, I will be releasing issue 11 of Cupcakemonsters, which features
interviews with Brooklyn's Oneohtrix Point Never and Jeffrey Lewis, along with a
downloadable mixtape of select Papaiti Records bootlegs, curated by James Stuteley.
As always, this latest issue also features many intelligent looking photographs of
bands I consider to be good. A runner-up for last year's "Zine of the Fest" award,
Cupcakemonsters continually talks about avant-garde music in a pleasant manner."

Bad Crushes (brand new!)
"Bad Crushes is a collaborative zine made by a bunch of soft gummy hearted souls. An A-Z of good times, bad ideas and unrequited "I like you"s."

More info on Amber's blog.

Health Wealth and Happiness #1

An aesthetic amalgamation of collaged treasures/ephemera and artwork sourced and found around Auckland. Issue 1 features work and found objects by Dim Pivac, Moron Says What?, Micheal Vincent Sperring, Jonas Besson, Genista Jurgens, Joshua Lynn, Tessa Stubbing and Damian Golfinopoulous. There will be copies of HWAH at Zinefest for free - if you miss out you can download it from the website shortly.

10-22-38 Astoria #3

10-22-38 Astoria was named in homage to the first ever photocopy, by Chester Carlson in 1938, which said just that.

Limited copies of the third edition will be available at Zinefest this year. Issue 3 is a step aside from the previous two editions (which involved more traditional zine content, articles etc), and is a more conceptual version - it has been produced entirely on the photocopier, using 1960s photocopier manuals as the raw material to collage, destroy and play with. What is contained in the zine is an aesthetic experience - a visual representation of the beauty the limitations of a photocopier offer the zine-maker.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Auckland Zinefest introduces Computer Boys at the day event

The Boss is back... with an S upgrade:

Computer Boys ode to everyoness favourite boys bandzz.

The Beach Boys
Backstreet Boys
Pet Shop Boys
Beastie Boys
Boyz II Men
Fat Boys

...Who doesn't love boys?

Catch them upstairs throughout the day event, 11am-4pm!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Zine Library goes on a field trip!

Cross Street Zine Library at the Cassette Markets this Saturday!

If you wanna catch the Zine Library before Zinefest and brush up on your zine knowledge, come check out the markets this Saturday. They have free beer, cupcakes, vintage cool stuff... all ages too, even though it's in a bar. We're setting up a kids-library-section-inspired corner, so even if the weather's shitty, it will still be fun times.

See you then!

12-5pm, Saturday August 7st, 2010.
Cassette #9, Vulcan Lane, CBD.

Facebook group here

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Timetable 2010

Unguided Collaborative Zine Making
All day
in the dry workshop area in Wine Cellar.

Paper Making Workshop
with Tes C
in the wet workshop area downstairs.

Collaborative Creation and Improvisation Workshop
with Steven
12 noon-1:00pm
in the Wine Cellar back room.

Screen Printing Workshop
with Ema
from 1:30pm-3:00pm
in the wet workshop area downstairs.

There will be two sessions:
1:30pm-2:00pm and 2:30pm-3:00pm

Underground Zines vs Commercial Publishing Talk
with Richard
in the Wine Cellar back room.

Fan Letters to Fanzines Workshop
with Tessa
in the dry workshop are in Wine Cellar.

Zines, Scenes and Economy of Means Talk
with Bryce
in the Wine Cellar back room.

Zinefest day event ends

Zinefest after party begins
at Wine Cellar and Whammy Bar

Zine of the Fest Award announced
roughly 8:30pm
in the Wine Cellar back room.

Monday, August 2, 2010

An update on some stuff happening at Zinefest!

Frances from The Pillbox has given us a limited number of the arts and culture zine from Omaru to give away for free at Zinefest! Get there early to get your hands on a copy. For those of you who like to sleep in on a Saturday and who might get there a little late, never fear cos she has also donated some to the Cross Street Zine Library which will be on display during the day event!

Here is a little description of the zine, in Frances' words:

"Events. Rants. Reviews. Poetry. Short stories. Illustrations. Photography. The Pillbox a monthly Oamaru based arts and creative culture zine."

Carmen from *INK is another lovely someone who has donated us a bunch of her zines for Zinefest. *INK is Dunedin's weekly gig guide which features art and cool stuff from local artists, so make sure you come and check it out also. We will have a selection from the zine's 12 year history, so it will be an interesting read!

And a bit about *INK, in Carmen's words:

"*INK is Dunedin's weekly Entertainment Guide/Zine. *INK is is that thing you see hanging out of people's back pockets. Jam packed full of love and creative peeps. ♥"

And Kylee who teaches at Auckland Girl's Grammar School will also be bringing a selection of zines made by girls in her class, which will be on display in the Zine Library as well.

And a tiny bit from Kylee:

"The zines they are creating are looking at Social Media. The grrls have picked different aspects of Social Media and are researching and creating over the next two weeks. There is also a potential teacher's zine that I could bring along!"

So exciting! Can't wait to read all of the new zines that will be out in time for Zinefest.

Don't forget that if you have any zines you wish to donate to the Zine Library, please get in touch! Alternately you can donate them on the day too.

And, just a teaser, but if you are thinking about entering your zine in the "Zine of the Fest" competition, here is a photo of the glass trophy Tes has finished making:

Yes that is a dinosaur wearing glasses and sneakers reading a zine. Bad-ass!

Speak soon. Timetable to be uploaded shortly!