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Andrew Macleod
"All about the comercialy poinless love of drawing."

AMA Comics

"ActionMan Adam is a comic (and now a webcomic) about a young Canadian trying to find love." 


"A mish mash of art, writing and a sneezing mute monkey."

The Collectivist 

"The Collectivist is a collaborative work from an eclectic bunch of creatives.  Anna Rose, a Wellingtonian-come-Aucklander with connections in both cities, conceived the idea to bring together friends and family across the Island to contribute to a collective project, showcasing individual talents and humour."  


"Craft-d is a zine that explores the relationship between craft and design. Includes interviews from local designers/crafters, international craft artists, how to-s, essays and inspiration. Published once before in 2007 Craft-d issue 2 to will focus on inspiration and creativity – where does it come from and how do we get it?" 

Editable Tornado
"A retrospective of all handmade music and comic releases that I have been involved with making over the last ten years. Everything must go. Buy limited edition EP releases from Yokel Ono, Wilberforces, and Moppy. Also some comics that will disturb adults, whereas children just don't get the humour, but they like the pictures anyway, and will probably buy more of them. And yeah maybe a few T shirts if I 'm feeling political." 


"Gallery36 is an online pdf ezine that profiles emerging artists and photographers. The goal of the magazine is to support emerging artists and photographers by giving them exposure and an opportunity for networking and collaboration opportunities to arrise from being apart of Gallery36."

Glaxo Enterprises

"I make and print my own comics and art zines."

Incredibly Hot Sex With Hideous People

"Representing all 38 issues of my ongoing fanzine plus a few other odds and ends. Incredibly Hot sex with Hideous people is a Wellington based perzine with a penchant for the everyday, the abject and the embarrassing.

Infintity Bag

"For 6 years defence chiefs were baffled by the UFOs that periodically rained down upon the Arizona plains. They showed up on radar at a Colorado tracking station, but when the apparent landing sites were checked, there was no sign of them. Then, in July 1979, federal narcotics agents were told by an informer that Mexican drug smugglers were using home-made rockets to shoot Marijuana across the border into America. But when dates were checked, no drug consignments coincided with the sightings. Discover the secret of the Infinity Bag, thousands of years of extraterrestrial contact, humans waking up in dog form, dogs borrowing your cell phone to make a call or txt a friend to meet up and various other modern folklore."

Joy Serwylo
"Joy's zines are generally photographic gems with a cynical twist... except the origami zines.... and the bible butterflies.... and the political ones...."

Juliette Shannon  
"One is about nature( a photoshoot) and its eery world of darkness. The other is the journey through the tickiddy boo. And Miriams."

Katarina Mrsic 
"The zines will be image based, straddling design and art."


"Fashion and lifestyle."

"Delving into vintage smut, old-school erotica, newfangled porn and the way they all rub up against each other."

Martin Adlington
"My zines are mainly based on adbusting & culture-jamming, ie disrupting the
dominant consume-or-bust paradigm...see some of my zines on my youtube channel:"

New Zealand Comics Creators

"NZCC is a non profit volunteer organisation that sells self published comics, commix and zines made in New Zealand on behalf of the artists at conventions and art/craft fairs. For Auckland zinefest we would bring a relevant selection of our stock focusing on zines, diary comics, anthologies and unusual formats."


"Potroast is an Auckland-based zine publishing poetry, short-fiction, comics and illustrations every three or four months."  

Presence Magazine

"It is a free music magazine based in Auckland we get people with not much experience to write article contribute photos and artwork. It is mainly photography based and we print about 2,500 copies, we are quarterly at the moment but will become bi-monthly. We are all about the music, promoting bands and artists, we also review some awesome shops and fairs."

Radio As Paper
"Radio as Paper is a local comic zine and winner of an Eric Award for best comic anthology (NZ comics award)  RAP compiles works from nz comic creators such as Tim Molloy, Toby Morris, MF Joyce, Frank and Becky and many more. After getting a much appreciated boost from last years Auckland Zinefest and now working on the 5th issue, RAP returns this year to Zinefest with a possible best off of the previous editions as most of the first issues are now out of stock."

Sheehan Brothers  
"The Inhabitants a fantasy comic in 4 issues." 

"Subject is a: mixture, mélange, blend, variety, mixed bag, medley, mishmash, ragbag, hodgepodge and meeting place. It is both a hobby and an extension of practice. We accept bribes.


"Don't Be Sad is a collection of illustrations and sketches from thisisrabbit. Quirky, solemn and sometimes jovial works which captivate joy and sadness often in the same frame, Riffing off concepts of self loathing, parental disconnects and child like innocence the book aims to put a smile on your face, which research shows is the optimal location for smiles."

Teepee Magic / Lightbox Distro 

"Cupcakemonsters is a zine dedicated to fostering dialogue about music, which seeks out artists who explore new possibilities in sound. Thermodynamics collects new art and writing from the fringes of that which is considered hip."

WaterBear Appreciation Society

"From maps of cats to creepy pictures drawn on fingers we have a rag tag bunch of zines. This year we even have some sweet collector cards with old gum inside, mmmmm."

Bryce Galloway on Massey University paper 213.256 'Zines, Scenes and Economy of Means'
"In semester 1 of this year I ran a one-off zine-making elective at Massey University's College of Creative arts. The first thing I said to the class was, "The idea that I could fail any of you for making a "bad zine" is perverse." In this talk I'll discuss how the course ran and show some of the results."
Bryce's blog 

Richard Cooke
"I started up, edited and published the FiX magazine for just under 13 years and 550+ issues. the FiX was a weekly, fiercely independent street 'zine with a primary focus of being a gig-guide (Auckland only) and a secondary and at times over riding focus of causing mischief. 

For a period of 18 months I was also the editor of Rip It Up magazine and for a period of 7 years edited the Big Day Out annual.

My half hour-ish talk will consist of four parts:
  • the FiX. How and why it started. How it managed to survive. Why did I continue to do it for so long.
  • Some of the many turning points and/or classic moments over the years. My favourite issues, why and how.
  • Commercial publishing. What I have done. How it compares with indie publishing. What is it good for?
  • Question time. I'm hopeful there will be some...."
Richard's blog
Learn Screen Printing with Ema
"Create a design on paper, cut it into a stencil. Lay that baby down and see the magic that is screen printing. Anyone can do it and looks damn wicked."

Recycled Paper Making with Tes 
"Rip and shred 'rubbish' paper, put it in water, mix it up and you have paper pulp. Sive it out and let it dry, making paper is so easy you can do it at home. Learn how at Zinefest."

Fan Letters to Fanzines with Tessa Stubbing 
"There is always that one, special zine that sparks a sometimes life-long interest in fanzines. Quite often we forget that it is usually a kid in a basement with something to share who has lovingly and painstakingly crafted this in their spare time. Support from a stranger can mean the difference between a second issue or not; after all, this is a relatively small zine community we're kicking around in. This workshop is aimed at appreciating those unsung heroes, during which time we will write fan-girl/fan-boy letters saying thanks. Critique is also encouraged."
Tessa's blog 

Collaborative Creation and Improvisation with Steven Lyons  
"The workshop would be on collaborative creation and improvisation. Exploring how stage improvisation can lend techniques to creating through a group mind. We will look at how working with a partner can generate ideas which you would never have expected. This will be achieved through different exercises which are based around either writing or drawing. Markers and paper are all that is required, though if the space allows then we will stick finished works up on the walls. It will also look at how we work with other people and how we manage our level over control in the creative process."
Steven's website